☁ New video in Patreon + Bonus making of ☂

☁ New video in Patreon + Bonus making of ☂

By Carmen Seijas

☁ New video in Patreon + Bonus making of ☂

☂ The November video is coming in December 

November is the craziest month of the year for all the online business, but this year to make it a little bit more interesting for me I decided to update my website... Good idea Carmen! 

Investing 1 crazy month on it and trying to open the shop the 10th, which you all know didn't worked and I end up opening the 16th of November.

After struggling all month to put together this website, open this blog , add my portfolio in here ( which was complicated, and I'm trying not to look at it too much so I don't get the need of starting to add more changes...) I also had the great idea of opening my Patreon by the end of October, so I did everything without thinking and all at the same time...

Anyway, it worked, shop it's looking good and Patreon it's slowly growing ☺

And now in my Patreon you can find a video of me trying to do everything on time for the opening  And also answering questions like what is my printer or what is my favorite platform to create a portfolio or online shop ☺

Use this link to explore.


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