✨ Dream Analysis ✨

✨ Dream Analysis ✨

By Carmen Seijas

✨ Dream Analysis ✨

*** Dream from 12 of march of 2019 ***

I had a weird dream where a lot of worms were coming out of my vagina.

It was intense and it made me overthink for like a day or two and then I realize I was being toxic lately, I was parasitizing myself with my thoughts and my obsessions.

✨ Having goals and dreams is amazing but when it becomes an obsession is the worst thing. It has the power to take you out from the reality and put you very far from the present, setting goals that aren’t real for the moment isn’t wise.

It holds you down and doesn’t let you grow or even move.

Today I decide to transform that worms into snakes to empower my present self.

I allow myself to be me and to be free from my thoughts and my goals.

✨ I actually like very much where I am right now I just forget about it sometimes. ✨


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