♡ New Youtube Video ♡

♡ New Youtube Video ♡

By Carmen Seijas

♡ New Youtube Video ♡

Hello Everyone! Hola! :)

I'm doing this post informing you of my new Youtube video a week after I post it :) I'm so good at promoting :)

So, I made a new video, i'm learning and experimenting, now I know I need to have a plan before I film anything but this one was filming without any plan. I just filmed us while we spent a evening painting on nature and I recorded the sound with the camera so is full of weird noises from the camera :')

The second part of the video is the process of creation of a small piece with gouache on my studio, I love process videos, they are just soooo nice, I don't know why I feel like this about them but they make me feel good.

The music for this second part was created by my friend Pol I leave the links on the video with all the info.

This is my messy post explaining what I did on Youtube, is interesting? I don't know but is here!



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