✿ What I did on January? ☺

✿ What I did on January? ☺

By Carmen Seijas

✿ What I did on January? ☺


It's me again, and I know my website it's close so probably you wouldn´t read this until I open but, here I am, writing this... ☺

I started 2021 closing the shop, taking time for myself and just painting, I even step out of Instagram for a week or so... I felt that I needed it so much. It was a bless! 

This autumn I decided to start a sketch book only to draw without pressure or expectations, allowing myself to explore another media and not to overthink about what I have to draw, just doing what my hands feel confortable doing.

Some of those drawings end up becoming final pieces  Sometimes you just need to free yourself, I personally think that expectations are specially bad for creative flow.

I decided to share this process with my Patrons, we had two live sessions on January and just draw together and chat ☺ It was really nice.

Also edited a video of the process of a painting on Patreon and I'm already working on my next one, It's going to be another mixed media ☺ I'm really into mixed media atm, you can have the best results and also if something goes wrong since one media support the other it's easy to solve it ☺ (how many smiley faces are too many smiley faces?)

Ok.That's all! ☺






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