♡ New Youtube Channel ♡

♡ New Youtube Channel ♡

Von Carmen Seijas

♡ New Youtube Channel ♡

Hello! ♡ 

As some of you may know I opened a YouTube channel this past month :)

This was something that was on my mind since the moment I opened my Patreon in October, doing all the videos for my Patrons has been a good experience for me that is helping me fuel my creativity and inspired me to create more process videos. 

My goal with my Youtube channel is just No Goals :)

I just want to use the platform to share some of the videos that I'm working on, and allow myself to explore more.

All this year Social Media is feeling like a battlefield for views and exposure. I realize it was too much for me so I decided that it was time to step away and focus in creation. 

I will left the link for my YouTube here and you can check it if you want and tell me if you like it or if you have some advice because I'm learning and I'm excited to improve my skills :) I think if I have the time I will post a new video this month :) 

If not, next month ♡

I send you tons of love and I hope you are all happy and creating space for yourself, your imagination and fantasy :)



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