Aniela Parys

Here you will find all the collaborations in which Aniela and I worked together since 2017 :)


Vintage inspired linen dress with high neckline and adjustable straps across the back designed by Aniela Parys.

My collaboration with Aniela is inspired by the comparison of metamorphosis and the human cycles.

Made in Barcelona by Aniela Parys.

Pictures made by Perico.

El bosque Print

Hand Painted Silk

In this collaboration with Aniela Parys I hand painted 45 meters of Silk with whom Aniela created a series of dresses, each 3 meters of silk tell a different tail about our dreams, every painting was creating in the moment and without any sketches just following the relation between the colors, the material and the fabric. The result was a limited edition of one of a kind dresses, each one different from the other.


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Fauna & Flora

Our latest collaboration came to life in 2021 and it is a part of a beautiful set of dresses and one pieces called Fauna and Flora.