☽ Blankets are here ☼

☽ Blankets are here ☼

Par Carmen Seijas

☽ Blankets are here ☼


I'm happy to introduce you to my blanket! 

This is so exciting :)

I'm going to give you a little info about how the Pre Order work ♡

The blanket it's very expensive to make so my only way to produce it it's by creating a Pre-Order. This works as if you were making a reservation.

For two weeks the blanket will be available for Pre Order, after that it will be sent to produce, which will take between 3 and 4 weeks, when the blanket is ready it will be sent to you. Because of this I advise you not to make any order together with the blanket, if there are other pieces that you want to buy and you would like them to arrive earlier, it is better to place two separate orders.

The blanket it's made with cotton and recycled cotton, the recycled cotton contains trace amounts of polyester fiber to maintain its strength.

The size of the blanket is 54″ x 70″  (1.38 x  1.78 metros)

If you have any more questions you can send a email to info@lasombrastudio.com

Have a beautiful day✿




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