El Gran Tapiz

“Esperando, el nudo se deshace y la fruta madura.”
Federico García Lorca

No sólo el nudo se deshace con la espera, sino que la herida cicatriza y la sombra muta.

‘Gran Tapiz’ is an ongoing research project in collaboration with John Philip Sage  and Manuel Gómez Domínguez which operates as a triple line of investigation on the intersection between spirituality and graphic culture. This triple union is approached through syncretism where the aesthetic and conceptual dissonances of the authors are the vehicle for the development of a joint cosmovision. The craft is understood as a road to the origin and the project creates a transversality between visual arts, craft and technology.

The project follows a methodology rooted in etnogenesis or fictional anthropology in order to explore the creation of an imaginary, a cosmovision that reflects the whole of the human psyche divided in three. The wound, the knot and the shadow represent such division: the three types human intelligence of Sufism: emotional (wounds), mental (knots) and instinctive (shadows).