Collaboration. El Crisol

The life long friendship between the creators of OnzaLab and Hanako Mimiko led to the creation of this special jewellery collection. A collaboration based on the search for similarity in the divergence of styles, that bears the name of El Crisol. El Crisol is the Spanish word for the crucible; it is the vessel where artists turn and fuse their ideas, just like traditional goldsmiths use a refractory crucible to join different metals.

This collection of jewellery transforms Hanako Mimiko's artistic process into the physical, as her illustrations are converted into tangible objects through three-dimensional sculpting software. Made of fifteen hundred layers of digital wax printing, the object is then used as a prototype for the jewellery itself. The wax is calcined in high temperature ovens, after which molten silver is injected at 890°C. Finally, the polishing and finishing stages of the process are carried out manually in a small goldsmith shop in Galicia.

Through this conjunction of traditional and contemporary creative techniques, unique jewels of 925 sterling silver were born.
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