❁ Life Drawing Sessions ❊

❁ Life Drawing Sessions ❊

By Carmen Seijas

❁ Life Drawing Sessions ❊

ꕥ I have wanted to teach for a long time but there was always some obstacle in the way, sometimes it was lack of time and other times I just couldn't find a platform or a way that I felt was right for me.

I don't feel like giving a class on any specific technique, it's more like sharing my creative processes and how I interpret and relate to the creative process.

I had always wanted to find a way to connect more directly than a simple video posted on the internet so now I have found a way!

In my Patreon account I have created a tier in which you will find the Life Session option.

My plan with these Life Sessions is together to decide the topic we want to work on before class and then just work together, you can ask me questions or what you need at that time :)

I leave you here the link of my Patreon where you can find all the info ☺

I hope you are having a beautiful day.





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