Coluring Books

Otoño and Invierno Colouring Books

This books are based in the works of the Italian writer and pedagogue Gianni Rodari, his works focus on the importance of the integration of fantasy in the development of children.

One of his explorations it’s called “il binomio fantastico” it consist in creating a link between two concepts that are not related, using this connection to build a story.

In this book I present you 34 drawings that tell a tale about the Autumn and a walk through the forest were you will have to give colour to my drawings, finish some of them and create landscapes to end a story together.

Ebook - Creatividad?


This book was created as an accompaniment to Creative Mentoring, but once finished I have come to the conclusion that it stands on its own as a self-exploration field notebook, and as a way to connect with the energy of Creative Mentoring for those people who can't afford it or who are hesitant and want to start the process little by little :)

In it you will find a series of exercises and reflections that bring us closer to creativity, letting go of old beliefs and opening doors to new experiences.

With these exercises we will learn to raise awareness about what creativity is and its basic functions within human cognition, we will find an answer to the question: what is creativity? and we will find out what it means for ourselves, what is our own voice and how to connect with it :)


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