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* Creative Mentoring, It's an individual session, via Zoom. In it we will begin the path to break creative and emotional blocks linked to creation projects, such as connecting with our own voice and thought, without expectations or pressure.

Developing faith in our intuition breaking the false beliefs that prevent us from moving forward.

On many occasions, all we need is a little push and a bit of perspective to reconnect with our purpose and our motivation.

Between the two of us we will create a space where you can see yourself :)

+ What do the Sessions consist of? First I will contact you via email, I will send you a series of questions to analyze your situation and your needs, each person is different and each situation is different, so it is important to analyze them individually and create the space that each person needs.

In essence, I will accompany you to revisit your project and your intentions about it, analyzing everything calmly and lovingly, we will find out which are the points that make you enjoy yourself the most and how to reinforce them, and which are the most boring parts and how we can work on them by being more compassionate and patient with ourselves.

* *After the session you will have permanent access to a .pdf with exercises and games to explore your creativity and bring you back to your center when you feel that you have lost a bit of direction or connection with your intention.

+What do you need to prepare the session? Don't worry, you don't need anything special, just find a quiet space with a good internet connection. As you read before, I will send you an email later with a .pdf with all the information about your session, but sometimes it is interesting to have a pen and paper close so you can write down all the things that resonate with you at the moment. Maybe there is some word, or even some feeling that leads you to activate yourself :)

*** Español

* Mentorias Creativas, Es una sesión individual, vía Zoom. En ella iniciaremos el camino para romper bloqueos creativos y emocionales vinculados a proyectos de creación, como conectar con nuestra propia voz y pensamiento, sin expectativas ni presiones.

Desarrollando fé en nuestra intuición rompiendo las falsas creencias que nos impiden avanzar.

En muchas ocasiones lo único que necesitamos es un empujoncito y un poco de perspectiva para volver a reencontrarnos con nuestro propósito y nuestra motivación.

Entre las dos crearemos un espacio en el que podrás verte a ti misma :)

+¿En que consisten? Primero nos pondremos en contacto vía email, te enviaré una serie de preguntas para analizar tu situación y tus necesidades, cada persona es un mundo y cada situación es diferente así que es importante analizarlas de manera individual y crear el espacio que cada persona necesite.

En esencia te acompañaré a revisitar tu proyecto y tus intenciones sobre el, analizando todo con calma y mimo encontraremos cuales son los puntos que más te hacen disfrutar y como reforzarlos, cuales son los puntos débiles y como podemos trabajarlos siendo más compasivas y pacientes con nosotras mismas.

Después de la sesión te enviaré un .pdf con los puntos más importantes que hemos analizado, recomendaciones de libros, links, plataformas de trabajo, etc. Todo en función a tu caso y tus necesidades.

** También tendrás acceso permanente a un .pdf con ejercicios y juegos para explorar tu creatividad y devolverte a tu centro cuando sientas que has perdido un poco el rumbo o la conexión con tu intención.

+¿Que necesitas para preparar la sesión? No te preocupes no necesitas nada especial solo encontrar un espacio tranquilo y con buena conexión a internet, como leíste antes te enviaré un email a posteriori con un .pdf con toda la información de tu sesión pero a veces es interesante tener un papel y bolígrafo a mano para poder apuntar todas las cosas que resuenen contigo en el momento. Quizá hay alguna frase, o incluso alguna palabra que te lleva a activarte :)

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Customer Reviews

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Inspiring talk with Carmen. Very worth it and highly recommended!

Alexandra W.

I have been following Carmen's work for a while now and when I saw she was offering creative mentoring, I knew I had to jump on the chance. I don't consider myself an 'artist' by any stretch, but I had been longing to get back in touch with my creativity. Our session was delightful and magical ✨ - Carmen shared so much wisdom, joy and learnings...and most importantly she reignited the creative spark within me 💖 ✨ In the days and weeks after our session, I felt my creative spark growing and growing...I felt the urge to create and a glass overflowing. And like magic, I was birthing and creating all sorts of new poetry, new ways of incorporating my creativity in my job, designing retreats and so much more! I continue to be filled with inspiration and am taking great joy in creating 🌍. I am so thankful for the chance to connect with Carmen and am so thankful for the gifts that she has reawakened within me ✨