✿ Patreon ✿

✿ Patreon ✿

By Carmen Seijas

✿ Patreon ✿

Hi! I'm very excited about this Patreon idea, I hope you are too!

Like many of my creative friends I am looking forward to finding an alternative option to Instagram and all those platforms to share my work and my creative process.

The algorithm has made the way we interact in the social media frivolous and sometimes (many times) empty. So the opportunity to create a small community with a more direct and clear range of communication is very sexy :)

If you are reading this it is because you follow me and know my work so you will also know that I am quite private and I do not like to share more than necessary but for a long time I have wanted to show part of my creative process and ideas in a different way than Instagram . And this is my plan with Patreon, video tours of my studio, materials that I use the most, processes and techniques, tricks to flow in creative blocks, glimpses in my next projects, etc.

I leave here the link so you can check it! :)

I hope you are good and happy :)





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